9th April 2018

3.4 Critical Review Writing

  • Critical acclaims
  • How she structures the novel
  • Recurring symbols
  • Would I recommend it and why
  • Use language features
  • similies and metaphors


  • Through the use of similies and metaphors, I am able to see…
  • Women’s POV
  • How I liked the novel
  • How it relates to women’s rights then and now and in the future
  • She was prompted to write the novel because she is a woman and wanted to make a statement
  • Use of rich language
  • me too movement
  • womens dressed as “handmaids” nowadays
  • inspired by true events
  • she leaves the reader with more questions at the ending and I don’t believe it was a good ending – dont know what is happening in the future
  • Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.

    “Men often ask me, Why are your female characters so paranoid? It’s not paranoia. It’s recognition of their situation.” Marget Atwood was prompted to write the “Handmaids Tale” due to the previously occurring events in history. As she is a woman herself, she wanted to warn people of the dangers of humanity, and just because events have happened in the past, there is nothing to say that they won’t occur again. I saw this novel as a warning. A warning that society could fall apart and men would become significantly superior over women. In todays socierty, there has been improvement of the … between men and women. Women have the right to vote…. me too etc

    This novel is worth reading as the rich language

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